About us

consonus vokalensemble: the pursuit of musical perfection and an unbridled passion for singing – together, harmoniously and at the highest level! This is the credo of the ensemble, which is made up of experienced professional and amateur singers from the regions of Grisons, Eastern Switzerland, Lucerne and Zurich.

The ensemble, which is organized in the legal form of an association, is under the musical direction of the young musician Mauro Ursprung. On the one hand he brings a lot of energy and fresh ideas, on the other hand he already has a lot of experience as a conductor and pianist. Gian-Reto Trepp is responsible for the organization and administration. As a business economist, he has the necessary knowledge and experience, especially in financial planning. The ensemble is a member of the Swiss Confederation Europa Cantat (SFEC) und beim Bündner Kantonalgesangsverband.

Since consonus vocalensemble works on a project basis, the members commit themselves to intensively practice the pieces in advance of the rehearsals. This also means that all pieces are sung by heart. Only thanks to the individual work can the high musical goals be achieved. Accordingly, the combined trial period can be used optimally to file the harmony of the individual voices and to give the choir its own (sound) character. In this work, the ensemble is supported by two young musicians, Jessica Marty (assistant) and Norma Widmer (vocal coach). The two together with Mauro Ursprung assume an important function in the musical structure.

The musical spectrum of consonus vokalensemble is broad: it sings works from different cultures, styles and epochs. A thematic limitation is not made, because depending on the project, a different musical emphasis is placed. In order for the music to develop optimally, the ensemble attaches great importance to innovative forms of presentation. This includes the use of choreographic elements, as well as the support of suitable (lighting) technology.

n addition to its own concerts, the ensemble also aims to participate in national and international competitions. In October 2017, consonus vocalensemble participated in the 10th Swiss Choir Competition and won in category A2 with 60 out of 60 possible points. In June 2018, the ensemble at the Bündner Kantonalgesangfest reached the highest mark of 6. In July 2018, the ensemble celebrated its greatest success at the World Choir Games, which took place in Tshwane (South Africa): in all three categories (Mixed Chamber Choirs, Musica sacra a cappella, Spiritual), consonus vocalensemble won a gold medal and placed in the middle the world’s best choirs.

Meanwhile, the main objective of the choir is to evoke emotions and connect to the audience during the concerts. The listeners should remind