Conductor: Mauro Ursprung

Mauro was born and raised in Chur. As a longtime member of the Kanti-Chor Chur and later as a vocalist in the vocal ensemble incantanti, he developed a great enthusiasm for music, especially for piano and choral music. At the age of 14, after four years of drumming lessons, he began to study the piano. In spring 2016 he completed his studies with major instrumental pedagogy (piano) and minor choir conducting at the Hochschule Luzern – Music. In addition, he has furthered his education through singing lessons and various courses on choral conducting and child choir conducting. He is currently completing a second master’s degree in music theory.

Since summer 2012 Mauro Ursprung is the conductor of the ökumenischer Kirchenchor Untervaz. Until summer 2017 he was also a long-time conductor, pianist and arranger of the StimmWerkBande (children’s and youth choir). During the 2016 season he had the opportunity to work as an assistant in the Swiss Youth Choir of the two conductors Nicolas Fink and Philippe Savoy. Mauro Ursprung also sings in the a cappella group tag5 a cappella, where he also works as an arranger and co-conductor. He also works as a piano teacher. Mauro Ursprung has been CEO of SME/EMS (Swiss music edition) since 2017.

Mauro Ursprung lives in Chur and Lucerne.


President: Gian-Reto Trepp

Gian-Reto Trepp was born in Chur and has received all his education training in the canton’s capital of Graubünden. After graduating from the Graubünden Cantonal School in the summer of 2008 and the military music recruiting school, he completed a two-year bank internship. He completed his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur as a Bachelor of Science FHO in Business Economics and is a research assistant at the Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF) of HTW Chur.

His enthusiasm for music was already present at an early age: not only did he enjoy a few years of training in the Singing School Chur and the Jugendmusik Chur, he also received private lessons in trumpet, piano and singing. In particular, the club activity enjoys great importance for him. He was allowed to participate in various formations (including Swiss youth choir, vocal ensemble incantanti). In addition, he currently manages the music company Grüsch and was for several years a member of the board and president of the vocal ensemble incantanti.



Public relations: Anna-Barbara Winzeler

Anna-Barbara Winzeler mainly does journalism and music. She is currently an online diploma student at MAZ, the Swiss journalism school. In the course of this training she completes several internships. Most recently, she worked for the magazine Publisher. As part of this training, she has also dealt extensively with all sorts of social media channels and online tools. Thanks to the internship in a smaller editorial office, she also has some experience with layout and graphics software as well as various CMS.

Thanks to her education, she is also able to take on the press and online work for several choirs, including consonus vokalensemble and the Swiss Youth Choir. In both ensembles she is also active as a choral singer. There are also other choirs such as the chamber choir Turicum or the ensemble Ripieno.


Logistics: Roman Butzerin

Roman Butzerin grew up in the tourist town of Arosa. After graduating from the Graubünden Cantonal School in 2007, he completed his compulsory service in the rank of Hauptfeldweibels with the Swiss Armed Forces. In 2012 he completed his studies as a civil engineer at HTW Chur. He is currently working for an engineering and construction consultancy. Due to his military and civilian experience he brings with him the necessary knowledge in the organizational field for the manifold logistic tasks.

His vocal career began in 2007 with the entry into the vocal ensemble incantani, which trained him in a choral manner and paved the way for him into the Swiss Youth Choir. Incidentally, he is also involved as a singer and president of the vocal quintet tag5 a cappella. Furthermore, he is regularly on the road with the family-owned Ländlerkapelle.