consonus vokalensemble consists of singers from the regions of Lucerne, Zurich and Graubünden / Northeastern Switzerland. What unites us is the love for (choral) music and the interest to sing together at a high level. As a project choir, we depend on the singers to deal with the literature outside of the ordinary rehearsals and prepare the pieces intensively at home.

Thanks to this commitment, we are able to bring the “harmonious sounds” to stage and take the audience into their own world.


Patricia Palffy
Daniela Kuster
Isabel von Ah
Jenny Pfeiffer
Natalie Palffy
Aline Dätwyler
Norma Widmer
Lilja Kovalyova



Rebecca Brütsch
Braida Janett
Fränzi Burkart
Olivia Hubli
Anna-Barbara Winzeler
Nadine Fitze
Katja Winterberger
Sarah Bühler


Noah Bühlmann
Nicolas Wagner
Oliver Michel
Elisha Fringer
Benjamin Herrmann
Elias Winzeler
Adrian Langenbach


Samuel Schiess
Silas Bücherer
Roman Butzerin
Jérémie Coquoz
Gian-Reto Trepp
Daniel Hollenweger
Nicolai Zegg
Alban Müller