Consonus goes to the World Choir Games – but before that: Chiavenna

Already the name: “World Choir Games”. The olympic games of choral singing, a competition with choirs from all over the world. Since the year 2000, this year is the tenth issue; we are going to South Africa, to Tshwane, over 200 choirs have registered – and we are the only Swiss participants.

We are CONSONUS vocal ensemble – so a choir. Young, dedicated people singing together. Founded in 2016. We come (with some exceptions) from the regions of Lucerne, Zurich, northeastern Switzerland and Graubünden. 32 votes, ie eight per vote register; a conductor.

And this conductor took us by surprise more than a year ago, when he almost announced us at a joint dinner: “We go to the World Choir Games. To South Africa. »
This announcement turned into a heart project for 2018. At the end of last year the first rehearsals started, at the beginning of the year we organized a very successful crowdfunding. And now the main rehearsal was on: We visited the Bündner Kantonalgesangsfest “Rezia Cantat”, which took place last weekend in Chiavenna. Chiavenna ?! Bündner Vocal Festival ?! Yes, exactly: This year’s Bündner Gesangsfest took place in Chiavenna (Italy) and also houses the Northern Italian Song Festival. Here we rehearsed accordingly our international appearance.

CONSONUS is a member of the Bündner Kantonalgesangsfest. Why? Because we are a supraregional choir, our president and our conductor are from Grisons.

For a special occasion, we presented a short program with pieces at the Vocal Festival, which we will also sing in South Africa. Including typical pieces for mixed choir, along with some sacred pieces and a pair of gospel – matching the categories we will be competing for in the World Choir Games: “Mixed Choir”, “Musica Sacra a cappella” and “Spiritual”.

Stay tuned! We’ll get back to you soon. From the 7th of July we will keep you informed daily about our South African journey.