Bewegend – Frühling 2019

Bewegend – choral music restaged   “By breaking the classical concert arrangement, space and sound mix with light to create a new concert experience. The listeners embark on a wondrous journey through the diversity of choral music together with the ensemble. »(Mauro Ursprung)

The project year 2019 moves consonus vocal ensemble: Again there are a concert series (March 2019) and an international choir competition (August 2019) on the schedule. In addition, the ensemble will take part in the weekend of the Swiss Federation Europa Cantat SFEC.

As the first highlight, the ensemble moves in with the motto of a concert program that combines music, movement and light. For the third concert series Flavio Bundi, a young conductor and composer from Grisons, will write a thematic commissioned composition.

moving: The motto of the concert series 2019 can be interpreted in many ways. According to the definition of the Duden, the word means “awakening deep emotions, shattering, moving”. In order to be able to create moving moments, the music and the selection of works are central: the most important element is the high quality of the vocals, which consonus vocalensemble has already awarded in the last two years.

In addition to the aspiration to arouse deep feelings and to create poignant musical moments, the motto can also be understood movingly on a more profane level: the ensemble moves through the concert space during the concert. The singers use the entire space as a stage and bring it to the farthest corners to sound. Through different positions as well as (movement) choreographies, the listeners are led through a completely new kind of performance and find themselves in a constantly changing sound space. The concert experience will again be accompanied by poignant light effects, which will transform the singers, the music and the concert hall into a mystical overall experience. “In the middle instead of just being there” is completely redefined musically!

  Designed by Olivia Hubli